By the Book @ Rogers Memorial Library

The Gap of Time, by Jeanette Winterson

And the story fell out, stone by stone, shining and held, the way time is held in a diamond. In The Gap of Time, a rich and jealous husband suspects his pregnant wife has been cheating on him with his best friend. When the baby girl is born, he banishes her and leaves his wife. […]


The Secret Keeper, by Kate Morton

“There were moments, Laurel solemnly believed, in which a person reached a crossroads, when something happened, out of the blue, to change the course of life’s events.  The premiere of Pinter’s play had been just such a moment.  She’d read about it in the newspaper, and felt an inexplicable urge to attend.  She’d told her […]


Londoners, by Craig Taylor

In the 1970s, Studs Terkel wrote a book entitled Working, which consisted of interviews with everyday people talking about their jobs.  I found this ground-level approach to an enormous subject to be both enlightening and entertaining. In Londoners, Craig Taylor takes a page from Studs Terkel, examining  London through the eyes of people who have experienced […]