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Delicious Crime

Buffalo West Wing, by Julie Hyzy has all the ingredients for an afternoon of entertaining reading.  The main character is both likable and prone to getting herself into difficult situations.  There are a least two “villains.”  There is a hapless best friend and an attractive love interest.  There is even a jealous ex-boyfriend.

Olivia “Ollie” Paras is the first female executive chef in the White House.  With the arrival of  Parker and Denise Hyden, the new president and first lady, everyone in the kitchen is nervous.  Ollie especially wants to make sure that the “first” children, Josh and Abigail, feel at home.  When a box of chicken wings from a favorite Washington, D.C., restaurant is delivered to the children, Ollie has to withhold the food until the sender can be identified.  The first lady is not pleased with this security measure and soon Ollie is vying for kitchen space with Virgil Ballantine, the former personal chef of the Hydens.

The chicken wings turn out to cause bigger problems than the disappointment of the children.  It seems that the delivery of the wings was part of a plan by Armustan rebels to secure the release of their leader.  The secret service wants to keep this from the first lady, even if it means that Ollie will lose her job.

As the situation with the rebels escalates, Ollie tries to connect with her new bosses, control her kitchen, and stay out of trouble.   She also takes a little time to go on a truly bad date and pursue a more viable relationship with an old friend.

If you enjoy likable characters, despicable villains, descriptions of mouthwatering food and a peek into the world of the White House kitchens, check out Buffalo West Wing.


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